Saturday, April 10, 2010


Finding meaning in life is a task which is never fully completed and to expect it to be so only adds to your pressures.But to have some idea of what is important to us...what our values are and what life is about in the long run is necessary for all of us. Whether this is couched in term of philoshopy,religion or morals,it gives a framework for existence which gives life meaning,makes sense of daily activities and can help put stress into perspective. No one can manufacture a belief in something merely as a way of alleviating stress but belief in nothing means you are faced with the question "What is the point?" This is likely to exacerbate any stress or other negative feelings you are already experiencing. You may not have an answer but to searching for one is the next best thing. We must be strong to faced all the experience that we go trough with patience. We must always remember what is our goal an vision in our life. We will give a meaning for our own life.Don't let other interfere in your life. What ever our decision is belong to us..make our own decision with all the fact we have and always think for positive side.We have our own wright to give a meaning for our life.
We must remember we will meet a lot of factors which influence our life meaning but we must use our own self to scale the factors..either it good or bad. Always remember we will find many people who have a good heart to help us in our journey but sometimes we will meet a few who have a devil careful if you meet them because they always have a good face but inside is dark!Try our best to make our life is meaningful.
Our life is to short but we must remember that what ever we are doing in this life is for the next life we have to face. Always remember what ever we are doing is been paid in next life. Honest,sincere and faith is the simple word to write down but it to hard to be implement. Always sincere with our own self and in the same time we be honest to other. What we give we get back.
For all my friends out there thanks a lot because all of you always give me support in my career and life. Thank you being my friends. InsyaAllah we will meet again if Allah want we meet again but all of you always in my heart. IPGM is my heart. One day I will write why I really love my IPDA. 20 months is the answer for all my dreams for 20 years. But I'm thank full to Allah because He give me an opportunity to be apart of my love IPDA. Even it just for a few years(4 year) but I really appreciate what I'm experiencing in this institute. I learn about people around me all of the bad and good factors......attitude, love, respect, hypocrites, professional jealousy, leadership ,friendship and back stabbing etc.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your comment. I guess it goes without saying that in any organisation there will people who are positive and few who may not see to eye with us. The best thing for us is we become wiser and thankful for the opportunity given to do service. Let Almighty judge us. As for the ones who back stab, let them do what they got to do - what goes around it comes back (one day!!).